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    The Thinkware Clair2 is a premium dash camera featuring 720p HD continuous recording, audio recording, 140 degree view angle, low light vision, parking and event sensors, and super capacitor technology, the Clair2 is a aesthetically beautiful and feature rich dash camera perfect for any vehicle on the road.

    A dash camera is a smart investment for your vehicle to protect yourself and your loved ones from corrupt city officials and bogus insurance claims. In case of an accident, a dash camera is your BEST WITNESS to see what actually happened, which can help in avoiding long investigations.

    Low light vision provides ample illumination during night driving to ensure clear visibility. Unlike night vision, low light vision amplifies the ambient surrounding light, and prevents issues where reflected light from night vision may distort or hide license plate numbers or other signage.

    Parking sensors protect your vehicle even when it is unattended, maintaining a vigilant eye while you are away from your vehicle. Event sensors detect anomalous vibrations in your vehicle (such as in a fender bender) and save the video to a separate folder for later viewing if necessary.

    In the case of complete power failure, super capacitor technology allows the camera to continue recording for an additional 10-20 seconds.


    1 Channel
    Front Camera: HD (1280 x 720)
    Angle of View: max 140o (Diagonal)
    Operating Temp: -20 oC -70 oC
    3- axis acceleration sensor
    Video Codec: H.264 / Audio Codec: ADPCM
    Built in Super-Capacitor
    Input Power: DC 12/24V (detecting ACC signal for parking mode)
    Micro HDMI port for PND data connection
    AV In port 1EA (3.5 ) / AV out port 1 EA (2. ) 
    Dimensions: 101mm x 38mm x 33.3mm
    Weight: 78g

    Package Includes:
    Clair2 unit
    Clair2 Holder
    Cigar Jack Cable
    16GB Micro SD Memory card/ Micro SD adaptor
    User Manual
    3 Expendable Cable Holders
Thinkware Clair2

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